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What is Adani?

Adani is a large industrial conglomerate based in India with major investments in electric power generation, distribution, coal mining and ports. At the same time, it is a relative newcomer, and its rapid growth has been debt-funded to an extent that concerns many energy analysts. Its record of environmental mismanagement and possible corruption is also well known

This short brochure will give you a basic idea about the company behind Carmichael mine.

Adani's commercial prospects

Energy market analysts IEEFA have been tracking the project since its beginning. Their sober view is that it cannot overcome serious headwinds - namely: loss of expansion opportunity in India; long-term permanent decline in thermal coal market; falling cost of renewables, specially in India; no confidence from financiers; high production costs for high-ash coal; inevitable global move towards Paris targets; absence of social licence in Australia.

Here is a thorough review done in mid-2017.

The argument that Adani will lift millions of poor Indian villagers out of energy poverty is often made - but it is false. Those 300-400 million people cannot afford to repay the cost of a fleet of new coal power plants and a big distribution network; instead, the Indian government plans to build a new kind of distributed electric power system based on the very low cost of solar (and to a lesser extent, wind). They are already getting on with it.

Here is an IEEFA brief on the transformation of India's system.

Most of Australia's thermal coal mined is in NSW. Most of this is much better quality than Carmichael coal would be. Here is a careful assessment of the prospects of thermal coal exporters in NSW. It would seem to show Adani's claims are hollow.